General Questions

What is the best way to contact TIUN?

If you can’t find the answer to your question here, you can contact us by phone at Viber (+84) 909 233 501 or through TIUN's Instagram found HERE. Our normal Customer Service hours are Monday - Sunday: 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM (Pacific). We always strive to reply to our customers as quickly as possible.

What's the difference between the siren tails, mermaid tails, and merman tails?

Our Siren tails are designed for training. They are imported from Fin Fun. Siren Tails are perfect as costume tails or for swiming in the pool, but not intended for free diving in the ocean. They also feature reinforced tips to prevent wear and tear.

Our Mermaid Tails are designed for performance. They are manufactured exclusively from Tiun. They also feature unique shiny textures over the entire tail fabric, which gives them extra shimmer and a special sleek feeling in the water, just like a real mermaid! They are durable, realistic, and absolutely beautiful.

Our Merman Tails are similar to Mermaid tails, except that they are more elaborate tails that feature added fin extensions on the sides, back and ankle areas. These tails are not machine washable.

Are Tiun mermaid tails made in Korea?

All Mermaid swimwear sold on are proudly designed, cut, and sewn in Saigon, Vietnam. But our fabrics are imported from Korea.

How do I know if my child is ready for a mermaid tail and monofin?

At Tiun, we are very passionate about creating the safest products possible. As a general rule, we recommend children wait until they are at least 6 years old and a strong swimmer to swim in one of our mermaid tails. However, no matter the age or skill, adult supervision is a must!

For the littlest mermaids, wearing dress-up tail for kids 3-5 years. These tails can be worn in water and are designed for use without the monofin. The bottom is flared like a mermaid skirt to allow for free leg movement in water and easy walking on land.

What are the care instructions for a Tiun mermaid tail?

Like any specialty fabric, Tiun Mermaid Tails need special care to prevent damage and fading. To prevent wear and preserve the beauty of your new mermaid tail, always use a genuine Tiun monofin with your tail. Also, avoid rubbing your tail against rough surfaces like the bottom of a pool or standing in your tail (tail should be pulled up above the ankles when not in the water). Our suits and mermaid tails are breathable and made from the same material as a normal swimsuit for maximum comfort, so pilling or slight fading from rubbing against rough surfaces can occur. Our 360-Day monofin Warranty available on all Mermaid and Merman tails. Use of a monofin other than Tiun brand voids this warranty. Does not include Siren Tails.

Siren Tails: These can be machine washed in a gentle cycle with cool water. After washing, hang and allow to drip-dry.

Mermaid & Mermaid Tails: Because of the added fins, Mermaid/Merman tails should only be hand washed and hung to air dry. Do not wring or twist, and do not dry clean. Do not use bleach or iron as it may damage the tail design.

Mermaid Swimsuits: Turn your swimwear inside out and gently hand wash using a mild detergent. Instead of squeezing or rubbing, gently swish the garment through the water. Focus on actual stain spots rather than attempting to wring or rub the entire garment. After rinsing, do not wring out the garment as it can damage the glitter and the spandex fibers. Rinse the garment in cool water and lay flat on a towel. Carefully roll up the towel, squeezing out excess water. Hang and allow to drip-dry.

Why are Tiun’s tails open at the bottom?

We have designed our mermaid tails to be open at the bottom to make it easy to put on and pull off the monofin inside the mermaid tail. This helps keep your mermaid safe while swimming, as the monofin can be easily removed. The separate monofin also allows you to add new mermaid tail skins to your mermaid wardrobe without purchasing an additional monofin each time. We have found that a mermaid tail open at the bottom is the best choice for safety and maximum flexibility.

Order & Return Questions

Can I return or exchange my mermaid tail or other products?

Mermaid tails: Any new, unused mermaid tail can be returned or exchanged within 30 days except custom tails. Because our custom size and custom design tails are made specifically for you, they cannot be returned, so be sure to choose your sizes carefully and review before submitting.

Other unused products: We happily returns and exchanges on new, unused products up to 30 days from the date-of-purchase if they are not clearance or discontinued items. Any merchandise that has been worn or damaged through use cannot be returned or exchanged, with the exception of our monofin that qualify for the 360 day warranty.

What is the 360 day monofin warranty?

Tiun now has the most durable, long lasting monofin in the industry, and we are willing to guarantee it!

We now warranty your monofin against any holes, tearing or other damage for a full 360 days from the date of purchase when used with a genuine Tiun monofin!

Our monofin is a revolution in the mermaid world! We recognize that one of the biggest issues mermaid tail users face is damage to the tail tips from rubbing and scraping against rough surfaces, so we have found a way to provide maximum protection against this wear and tear.

If you experience any holes or other damage to your Tiun monofin within the first 360 days from purchase, your Tiun monofin is eligible for a one-time, free monofin replacement in the same size/style at no charge. This guarantee applies to all Siren, Mermaid and Merman tails that have been used with a Tiun monofin. Use of other brands of hard plastic monofins voids this warranty.

We hope you’ll rest easy knowing you have purchased the best-selling, highest quality mermaid tail available – and you are also covered by our exceptional guarantee! Tiun stands behind our mermaid tail and monofin sets, which are specially designed to protect you from damage in the most common area of wear and tear.

Shipping Questions

What are your shipping options and rates?

We offer a wide variety of options to accommodate our customers. To view our options and rates, visit our Shipping page. Please note that orders usually ship the next business day, so be sure to add this day of processing when calculating your ship time and expected delivery date.

When will I receive my order?

Orders placed on Monday-Thursday will be processed and shipped within 24 hours – sometimes even faster. Orders placed Friday-Sunday are typically shipped on the following Monday unless it is a holiday. Orders will not be processed or shipped on holidays. After the order has been shipped, you will receive a confirmation email with shipping/tracking information.

We do our best to ship your products in an efficient manner. Our shipping estimates use data provided by the shipping provider and some deliveries can take longer to arrive. To ensure that you receive your products in time for a holiday or other deadline, please place your order well in advance. We are not responsible for delays caused by factors beyond our control, such as weather, transportation strikes or natural disasters.

If you are ordering internationally, please track your package closely to make sure that it is delivered in a timely manner. We have found that our international customers receive their package more quickly when this is done. In the past, some postal services have held onto packages without notifying customers for several days. If your order is late, check with the shipping company or your local postal service before contacting us.

How do I track my order?

Once your order has shipped, you will be emailed a tracking number. Please enter your tracking number on the shipping website below to track your order. If you selected FedEx shipping, you can track your order HERE.

Payment Quesions

What payment types do you accept? Is your site secure?

We accept payment through Vietcombank and Citibank. We also accept all major credit cards that are processed through PayPal, as well as PayPal quick checkout options that allow you to use funds directly from your PayPal account.

Regardless of your preferred method of payment, your information is secure and protected. We use EV SSL payment security by GoDaddy to provide you with the highest level of confidence during check out. When you see the top navigation bar change to "https:" as part of the checkout process, you will know your information is secure. We do not retain your credit information.

My order won’t go through. Why not?

Often an order fails to go through due to incorrect or incomplete credit card information. The most common problems are using a billing address that does not match the card used or forgetting to include the CVV number. The CVV number is the 3-digit security code usually found on the back of the credit card. Occasionally a credit card will be declined for various other reasons. Orders cannot be processed until payment is accepted.

If the credit card payment is accepted, but the order won't go through, it may be a technical problem with the website. Please send a notify to TIUN fanpage.

Quick Order Processing

Your package will be on its way on the next business day after you place your order! Packages ship Monday-Saturday, excluding VN holidays.

Complete Orders

We make every effort to fill orders with 100% accuracy. While not common, unintentional packing and shipping errors can occur. In that case Tiun will quickly send the correct item(s) at no additional cost to you.

Quality Products

We strive for high-quality construction in a beautiful and functional product. We offer a 30-day* return policy should any new, unused product not meet your needs (excluding clearance and discontinued items). In the rare event that a product is defective, we will either replace or repair the item. We also offer a special 360 day monofin warranty on qualifying mermaid tails.

*This excludes custom tails (custom size or custom design), which are not eligible for return, exchange or refund for any reason, so please carefully review all instructions and submitted information before placing your order for these items.

Shipping Information

Carefully review all the shipping information we provide to help you properly choose the best option that will meet your delivery needs. Please also remember that orders do not ship until the next business day, and be sure to add this processing time when estimating your delivery date. We are sorry, but Tiun is not responsible for shipping delays due to severe weather or customs issues.



Service Est Cost Est Delivery
Viettel Flat Rate Shipping FREE 5 business days
Viettel Express Saver $4 USD 3 business days
Viettel 2 Day $8 USD 2 business days
Viettel Standard Overnight $12 USD 1 business day


DHL International

Service Est Cost Est Delivery
DHL Flate Rate Cambodia/Lao $8 USD 5 business days
DHL Standard Flate Rate $53 USD 9 business days
DHL Priority International® $86 USD 7 business days
DHL Standard Overnight $172 USD 3 business days


360 Day Monofin Warranty

We recognize that one of the biggest issues mermaid tail users face is damage to the monofin from rubbing against rough surfaces, so we have found a way to provide maximum protection against wear and tear.

Tiun’s 360-Day Monofin Warranty protects against any holes, rips, or shredding on your monofin!

If you experience any holes or other damage to your Tiun monofin within the first 360 days from purchase, your monofin is eligible for a one-time, free monofin replacement in the same size/style at no charge.

If you need a mermaid/merman tail with custom sizing requirements, please order via Viber TIUN (+84) 377 474 279 and how to measure for a mermaid tail HERE



Youth  Waist   Hips  Waist to Floor
Small 6 56~58,5 cm 61~66 cm 58,5~67,5 cm
Medium 8 58,5~61 cm 66~71 cm 67,5~76 cm
Large 10 61~63,5 cm 71~76 cm 76~85 cm
X-Large 12 63,5~66 cm 76~81,5 cm 85~94 cm


Adult  Waist  Hips  Waist to Floor
X-Small 2-4 66~72,5 cm 84~91,5 cm 89~127 cm
Small 6-8 72,5~78 cm 91,5~99 cm 89~127 cm
Medium 10-12 78~85 cm 99~106,5 cm 89~127 cm
Large 14-16 85~91,5 cm 106,5~114 cm 89~127 cm
X-Large 18-20 91,5~98 cm 114~122 cm 89~127 cm


Toodler  Waist    Waist to Legs
3T 3-4 51~53,5 cm   56~61 cm
5T 5-6 53,5~56 cm   61~66 cm



Girls  Chest  Waist Hips
X-Small 3-5 51~56 cm 51~56 cm 56~61 cm
Smaill 6 56~61 cm 56~58,5 cm 61~66 cm
Medium 8 61~66 cm 58,5~61 cm 66~71 cm
Large 10 66~71 cm 61~63,5 cm 71~76 cm
X-Large 12 71~76 cm 63,5~66 cm 76~81,5 cm


Boys  Chest  Waist  
X-Small 4-5 51~56 cm 54,5~58,5 cm  
Small 6-7 56~61 cm 58,5~62 cm  
Medium 8-9 62~66 cm 62~66 cm  
Large 10-12 66~71 cm 66~70 cm  
X-Large 14-16 71~76 cm 70~73,5 cm  


Women  Chest  Waist  Hips
X-Small 6 79~86,5 cm 66~72,5 cm 84~91,5 cm
Small 8 86,5~94 cm 72,5~78,5 cm 91,5~99 cm
Medium 10 94~101,5 cm 78,5~85 cm 99~106,5 cm
Large 12 101,5~109 cm 85~91,5 cm 106,5~114 cm
X-Large 109~117 cm 91,5~98 cm 114~122 cm



Youth  Chest  Waist  Hips
X-Small 3-5 51~56 cm 51~56 cm 56~61 cm
Small 6 56~61 cm 56~58,5 cm 61~66 cm
Medium 8 61~66 cm 58,5~61 cm 66~71 cm
Large 10 66~71 cm 61~63,5 cm 71~76 cm
X-Large12 71~76 cm 63,5~66 cm 76~81,5 cm
XX-Large 14 76~81,5 cm 66~71 cm 81,5~86,5 cm


Women  Chest  Waist  Hips
X-Small 2-4 79~86,5 cm 66~72,5 cm 84~91,5 cm
Small 6-8 86,5~94 cm 72,5~78,5 cm 91,5~99 cm
Medium 10-12 94~101,5 cm 78,5~85 cm 99~106,5 cm
Large 14-16 101,5~109 cm 85~91,5 cm 106,5~114 cm
X-Large 18-20 109~117 cm 91,5~98 cm 114~122 cm
XX-Large 22-24 117~124,5 cm 98~104 cm 122~130 cm

Safety Rules

Follow these rules for proper mermaid safety and you’ll be swimming like a mermaid in no time!

Always use under adult supervision. Know your limit. Swim within it. Be mermaid tail ready. Do not dive or swim over, under or through objects. Humans don’t have gills so remember to breathe. Respect the water. We recommend swimming in clear, calm waters. Only swim as a mermaid where you would safely swim as a human. Ensure a proper fit & use correct size monofin.

Need help? Contact us on Viber +84 909 233 501 or submit a question to our TIUN fanpage. You will also find answers to our most frequently asked questions HERE.

Tiun's Best Monofins
Our exclusive monofins are the most comfortable, safe, and realistic mermaid monofins in the world. You will experience a new level of mermaid power as you glide through the water with the best mermaid monofins available! They fit so naturally you can hardly see your feet and ankles inside, which helps you look like a REAL mermaid! Although our monofins fit comfortably and securely, you can also remove them quickly and easily with a light tug and a kick.

How to use a Monofin
Please do not hop, walk or try to use stairs with the monofin on your feet. Put it on once you are at the edge of the water, then slide into the pool carefully. Understand that it may take some effort to get your feet into the holes at first. The monofin is designed this way to hold your feet securely in place while you swim. Putting on the monofin and mermaid tail is easy! With the monofin already in the tail, roll the mermaid tail fabric down to the monofin so you can see the foot holes and slip your feet into the holes, pulling the cuffs up securely around your ankles. With feet in the monofin, gently pull the mermaid tail back up around legs to waist. You can watch this process in the below video!

How to Swim with a Monofin
When swimming, use what is termed a “dolphin kick,” where both feet move together in a downward and upward WAVE motion to move through the water. Also called a mermaid kick, this is the same kick used with the “butterfly stroke.” Follow these tips to get started:

  • Practice in the pool without the monofin or your mermaid tail at first. Get used to the motion of the dolphin kick with your legs together to propel you through the water.
  • Once you feel comfortable with the motion of the dolphin kick, put on just the monofin and practice swimming. You will notice how much easier doing the dolphin kick is with it!
  • Once you are comfortable swimming in the monofin, pull your mermaid tail skin over the monofin and practice swimming in the entire tail while still in the shallow end.
  • Learn and practice the Quick-Release Method. Watch the video for further information.
  • Be aware that you will be the center of attention and others are going to want to try it! To ensure their safety and enjoyment, please share these important instructions with anyone else you allow to use your monofin and mermaid tail.

Monofin Care
Avoid hopping in the mermaid tail or monofin, or rubbing the fabric against hard rough surfaces like rocks and rough pool edges, as this will damage the fabric. After swimming, rinse the monofin with clean water to remove chlorine, sand and/or salt.


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